Accessories - Arrays & Foot Spa Liners:

Our high quality IB Copper Arrays are the perfect choice for any wellness center or spa, designed for high end foot baths.  

The IB Array is compatible with most ion foot baths, like: Aqua Chi, Bio-Cleanse, EBR Gold & Platinum Editions, EB 305, EB Pro, Erchonia Eb Pro, Erchonia Eb Pro with Iontophopresis Cell Cleanse, IonCleanse (by AMD A Major Difference), and many more.

IB Copper Array


The IB Copper Array features the powerful combination of Copper and Zinc.

- Copper has excellent antimicrobial activity against a broad range of micro-organisms and has potent growth inhibitors against fungus, yeast and candida.
- Zinc has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system and maintain a healthy digestive tract. More Info

1      $115
2-4   $105
5-6   $99
7+    $95

Arrays are on B/O as of 9/9

email  - to get on the waiting list. Please let us know how many you want.



Foot Spa Liners (25 count)


These custom made liners are designed to keep your foot bath tub clean and sanitary. Each roll has 25 perforated liners. Simply, open the liner and place it over the tub before filling it with water. After you are finished, empty the water and throw away the liner and your tub will stay spotless! These liners were designed for use with the ION Bath tubs but they fit any comparable sized foot bath tub.


1     $11.95
2-4  $8.95
5+   $7.95