In my first month I performed therapy sessions on over 125 patients and they love it! Increased energy and reduced pain on several patients after just one therapy sessions.*
Dr. Dan Y., D.C.- Los Angeles, California, USA

I love my ION Bath Platinum Machine! The double sessions option lets me and my husband both get a foot bath at the same time. I don’t have a clinic or anything but I have 4 of my neighbors that all come by for regular sessions and everyone we have all felt more energy and more relaxed. *
JulieT., Winnipeg, MB - Canada

My daughter has been suffering with Fibromyalgia for many years. Since she has been using the “Platinum Edition” (2 months now), the whites of her eyes are no longer yellow, her skin is clearer and she seems to have more energy. *
Ken P., Williamsburg, Kentucky, USA

I have had 6 foot spa sessions and cannot believe the differences! I handle stressful situations much better. My overall mood no longer has the dark cloud lingering. I've got more energy during the day as well as the weekends. I've noticed my body isn't as tight and I'm able to exercise longer. *
Nate D., Topeka, Kansas, USA

As the doctor at a large pain clinic I get great results. However some patients would just simply plateau. With the use of the Platinum Edition bath I'm able to break through those plateaus and pain barriers. *
Dr. Greg F., D.C,. L.A.C.- Orlando, Florida, USA

We had a patient that had full body skin eczema. After one sessions with only the patients’ hands in the ION Bath he had an 80-90% improvement in the skin irritation. *
Dr. Pam R., Mankato, Minnesota, USA

*Testimonial results not typical and your results may vary.